Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Palm Wine Tapper

Palm Wine Tappers are Famous in Africa expectially in Nigeria, They get the Palm Wine from the Palm Trees and carry it to the town where they sell it and many people use Palm wine for Ceremonies and its also a strong drink that one can get drunk if one drink to much.. the painting show a man coming from the farm after feshing the palm wine from the tree.

The Field

Similar to the Funali Shepard these show the same landscape but diffrent scene you can see the animal standy in their wolrd.. thats show that there are alots of space for different animal without disturbing others..

The Fisherman

These Painting show the work that the fishermen go through sometime when the fish decide not come come up the sea.. they have to work all night till they are able to get what they want...

The Fulani House

These are the kind of Houses that The Fulani Tribe in Northan part on Nigeria Lives with their family, no Electricity, no Tv, the light they uses is Lantern.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Harvest Farmers

Children Coming from the Farm in Sunset after Walking many miles with Load on their Head.
In some part in west Africa some farmers don't have Castle, cow or a means of transportation and their farms are like hundreds miles away and they have to transport their Crops home, after Harvest. so the only options is to bagged them in a Sack and carry them with their Head to their house. which is done by their families.

These Shirt are Hand made with Acrylic, water base paints with a special concept that take a lots of concentration.

This Shirt is an Hand Made Painting with Acrylic water base take a lots of Concentration

Friday, July 9, 2010

The House Forest

The House Forest Show the Calm Atmosphere at noon....

Fulani Shepard

The Fulani Shepard.
In Northern Part on Nigeria their is a Tribe called the "Fulani" most of the male from this tribe Earn their Daily meal and feeding their family by taken care of Cows. In the day and at night....

The Trader

In Northern Part of Nigeria The Fulani Wifes Sell the milk from the Cow Called "NuNu" and he same NuNu can be proceed locally to make Cheese. The Nunu is Carried around the Neighborhood for sale On her with What we called "Calabash". is like a Bowl. these Woman is coming back from the market Happy because she had a good sale

The Drummer (Oni iLu)

The Drummer in Western part of Nigeria Beat the Drum for Ceremonies or for an Important Occasions and the cloth is wearing is a traditional cloth with Design on it.. the cloth is made for Special Occasion.